Reunion Weekend Activities Survey

We appreciate the great response we got from classmates on the Reunion Attendance Survey.  We would like to ask your help again to please fill out a quick survey regarding what other possible activities you may be interested in over the Reunion weekend.  This is not a firm commitment at this time but it will give our committe some direction to help in organizing these events.  

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1)   * Are you interested in attending an informal "Get-Together" at Rosie O"Hare's on Friday Evening?

Yes No
2)   * Would you be interested in playing golf on Friday afternoon?

  Yes, I would.
  Yes, my spouse would.
  Yes, there would be two of us golfing.
  Not me.
  Put me down as maybe.
3)   * Would you (and/or your spouse) be interested in a bike ride along the Fox River Trail on Saturday?

  Yes I would.
  Yes I would and would need to rent a bike.
  No Thanks.
  Put me down as a maybe.
4)   * Would you (and/or your spouse) be interested in taking a hike through Raceway Woods Forest Preserve on Saturday, site of the Meadowdale Raceway in the 1960's?

  Sounds fun, count me in.
  No Thanks.
  Put me down as a maybe.
5)   * Would you (and/or your spouse) be interested in visiting the Dundee Township Historical Society on Saturday (located in the old St. Catherine's school), and then do a tour of Dundee to see what has changed and what hasn't?

  Yes, that sounds very interesting.
  I'll take a pass.
  Put me down as a maybe.
6)   Please list any suggestions for other activities you would like to see or add any comments below.