Angie Keisler Schmelzer

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Angie Keisler
Residing In: Dundee, IL USA
Spouse/Partner: Fritz Schmelzer
Children/Grandkids: Fritz's kids are:
Paula (no children), Clay (Christie and Nick), Peggy (Don who has Cole, Alex and More…Kyle), Clyde (Erin and Katie)
Fritz adopted my children who are Rich (Reghan, Jordan and Delaney) and Kim (Kailey).
Occupation: Paramedic/Medical Administrator
Yes! Attending Reunion
Junior High School:



We moved to Melbourne, Florida, in April, 2019. When we moved, we only brought what fit into our van. It was major downsizing! I work from home so I was able to continue to work for the same company I have been with for the last 25 years, the same job, same pay, but no more Illinois State taxes! I manage a department of nurses who are in the Philippines. With today’s technology, we can work from anywhere!

Unfortunately, due to my husband’s health, I will not be able to attend our 50th reunion. I hope everyone has a great time!

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Happy Birthday Mr. Burton. 7th grade math class! My mind feels like it should have been yesterday but my knees say otherwise. This was the year I am a proud owner of a Medicare card I am still working but I get to work from home. I guess that sounds like I really don't work but it does tie my to the house for part of each day. And I still get a paycheck! I have been with my company for 22 years now. No plans at this point for retiring.

I hope you are doing well today and enjoyed your birthday. May God bless you and keep you. He is what keeps us going!

Wishing you the very best!

Angie Keisler Schmelzer

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