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11/03/09 09:31 AM #39    


Barbara Larsen (Vidargas)

I was so sad to hear of Randy Taylor last night. Thanks Dave for passing it on.
I was unable to be at the reunion but saw the photos and thought, Randy looks good. I didn't know he was ill.
He was lucky to be in the midst of many good old friends only a few weeks before he passed away.
I have many memories of Randy and they are all about fun and laughing. Many of them at games, the DCHS carnival, dances, parties.
He will be missed even by those of us who haven't seen him in a long time.
I hope he is at peace. My thoughts and prayers to his family.

01/01/10 10:59 AM #40    

Thomas Filip (Crown '69)

Best wishes to all my DCHS pals for a prosperous 2K10!

01/03/10 07:50 AM #41    

Dierdre Strass

After a whirlwind schedule it's so good to catch up on the site. I was SO pumped about going to the 40th but my new job is pretty inflexible about no shows. Darn it!

Oooooo a joint 60th party - I am so up for that! Like Rick Mohr said - it will be like a make up for missing the 40th. Laura and the guys did a BANG UP job planning for it and I so appreciate the notes I got from her! What a doll!

Hope everyone has a superb year - prosperous, healthy and HAPPY!

03/01/10 12:06 PM #42    


Debra Scalzo (Grove)

After looking at the slideshows I know I missed a really good time. Hopefully I will make a bigger effort to get to the next reunion. Hey, I think we ALL look better now, much more "mature" Ha ha.
Take care all, drop me a line if you are so inclined :)

Deb Scalzo Grove

10/25/10 09:32 PM #43    

Jack Richards

I refilled the oil in my congregation's vigil light and it should glow now for the next seven days.  I thought a lot about Randy Taylor as I did.   Somewhere in Everett, Washington, an oil lamp will be lit and i'll be remembering the anniversary of his departure from us on Sunday.    Ever wishing he was still with us but ever thankful that he was such a great friend and powerful, positive spirit among so many of us.   Rest in peace, dear friend...this eve of All Saints and always!

Jack Richards

05/26/11 01:35 PM #44    

Bob Platt

I am coming to Illinois for Memorial Day Weekend and was thinking about running in the Elgin Fox Trot 10 Miler on Monday, May 30.  Anyone interested?  I hope I can see some of you during the weekend.

-- Bob Platt

08/24/11 09:55 AM #45    

Jack Richards

I hope everyone who is able to gather enjoys the Birthday Bash.  I am back at work after using up this year's vacation time...and the school teacher in our house is gearing up for "one more assault" on ignorance and middle school attitudes:)

Jack Richards  60 and Ready for New Chapters


08/04/14 07:10 AM #46    

Tom Hutchings

Last Minute ! Who's going ?

08/05/14 03:49 AM #47    


Virginia Cosgrove (Duncan)



08/05/14 06:05 AM #48    

Tom Hutchings

Wooo Hoooo ! devil

08/06/14 07:57 AM #49    

Dierdre Strass

Ok I am retired and NO one is going to stop me from coming! The pictures have been fabulous but I am looking forward to seeing the real deal! Haven't been to Dundee since my dad died ... Should be a Real


08/06/14 12:28 PM #50    


Virginia Cosgrove (Duncan)

Glad you're coming, Dierdra, looking forward to seeing you!


08/06/14 01:01 PM #51    


Jessica Mink

I'm coming, too, though I've changed a bit since 2011...


08/07/14 09:53 AM #52    

Bob Bolier

Well, if Hutchings is coming and Mink is coming, I'm coming in from New York too!  Let's get together with some of the Crown Boys for some Golf as well, Saturday morning, 9/6/14.  Dave McDonough is setting this up I think.  And don't forget the Randy Taylor Memorial Golf Outing the following Saturday, 9/13, that Dave runs annually.  Looking forward to seeing everyone, since I missed the 40th.

08/07/14 11:12 AM #53    

Dierdre Strass

Looking forward to seeing you, too, Ginny! LOL I have changed a lot, too! Maybe not to the extent Jessica has!wink. You look great, Jessica! All that matters is that you are HAPPY!laugh!

08/07/14 04:53 PM #54    

Cherie Scott (Criswell)

We will be in Illinois the week before for our nephew's wedding.  Sorry to miss everyone, happy 45th!  Wow, are we that old?!

08/08/14 01:21 AM #55    


Debra Scalzo (Grove)

I've moved back to Illinois as of 2 yrs ago, so I may actually have a chance to make it to our 45th. I'm retired on disability now, walking isn't my strong suit. But I might give it a shot to see everyone again.

Debbi Scalzo Grove

08/08/14 11:20 AM #56    

Mike Mapes

Sorry I will miss this one. I'll be on an Amtrak that day coming home from DC. Hope everyone has a good time.

08/09/14 10:08 AM #57    

Tom Hutchings

Bolier is Coming ! Love it ! Don't golf, even though my backyard is a golf course,might do a ride along,like in the back seat in the po po car ! See you there Bob !

08/09/14 10:11 AM #58    

Tom Hutchings

Glenda, Call me when your up in Marengo. I'm in Gilberts til the 28th of August and back Sept 3rd. 239-699-6040. Lunch or dinner ?


08/13/14 10:42 PM #59    

Donna Jensen (Sweet)

Hoping will make the gathering!  Have some travel stuff to work around....but would love to see everyone again!

08/19/14 05:00 PM #60    


Cheryl Abate (Ippolito)


I sure wish I could make this 45th Class Reunion.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to make it.  It would be so nice to see everyone.  I would like to say Hi to some of the great people I met thru Kathy Bakey when I came to Dundee from Brooklyn, NY.  They are: Sylvia Alfredson, Barbara Ahle, Sue Hoffman, Jack Richards, Ron Aldis, Marti Wilmoth, and Sue Robinson.  I have kept in touch with Marti over the years and once in awhile hear from Jack Richards.  I remember alot of you from your pictures.  I would love to hear from you.  I had the best times at Dundee and remember all of you fondly. If anyone remembers me please E-mail me. My e-mail is:

08/20/14 11:32 AM #61    


Barbara Larsen (Vidargas)

I wish I could make this reunion. Just when another party pops up I move out of Illinois again! I also have conflicting travel around that date. Linda Reding Graham is visiting me here in Miami and then I am spending a month in Seattle for my granddaughter's 4th birthday and firsta grandson's arrival.
I hope there will be photos posted. If one of you hard working reunion team members has a chance, it would be great if photos were captioned with names. I really enjoyed the 60th birthday party photos but I couldn't tell who everyone was. I tried zooming in on name tags but not successful every time!
Thanks to the reunion planners. Keep having them, eventually I would love to get to another one!

11/01/14 04:52 PM #62    

Janet Wynn (Wynn)

Greetings ... My stepson and his family live in Ann Arbor Michigan and are very interested in microbreweries. I recall that someone from our class is involved with a microbrewery in Western Michigan. Would love to find out who and where?



Janet Wynn

08/29/19 03:16 PM #63    


Debra Scalzo (Grove)

I wish someone could label the photos with names because I don't recognize everyone now! And, those other videos say they are private and won't play.

Glad you all had fun. Take care.

Debbi Scalzo aka Deb Grove

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