About Us

We are the Dundee Community High School Class of 1969 which was located in Carpentersville, Illinois.  We had 269 graduates and have also included classmates that spent time with us during our 3 years at DCHS.  Teachers and alumni are welcome and encouraged to join our site as guests by using the "Contact Us" link.       

This website will continue as long as there is interest and hopefully will be available for future reunions.  It was created for members to stay in touch and/or link us to their current endeavor.  An anonymous donation was made to launch our site and to provide free access to our classmates and guests.  You may ask why keep this site when Facebook is now the most popular way of keeping in touch with one another?  This site was launched when Facebook was in its infancy and it does provide us with a solid database through which we can contact all registered classmates, or individuals can easily contact one another.  In the quest to stay current there is also now a private group page on Facebook for our class and can be found at "Dundee Community High School Class of 1969". 

You have probably noticed that there are now Ads posted on the website.  It can be a bit of an annoyance but by allowing the advertising there is no fee charged for maintaining the website.  

We encourage our classmates and alumni guests to keep this interactive and current and request that all members remain respectful of one another.  We always enjoy finding classmates and sincerely hope that the creation of this site will assist us in locating more.  Sad news as it may be, we would like to be informed should we lose someone.

Currently the administrators are Dave McDonough and Laura Webb Brase who are always open to ideas, suggestions, and improvements.  The administrators are not responsible for profile content and will edit or remove any offensive material that has come to their attention.  Outside advertisers other than those linked to members and/or DCHS alumni are not welcome.  We have the right to suspend or deny membership. Please know that maintaining this website will truly be  a labor of love.